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More About Us...

Greg began piano lessons at the age of 8 and so did Lori.  At 15 he accompanied for an adult jazz band, often having to write in his own improvisations and Lori assisted her piano teacher teaching music theory.  While in high school, Greg played trombone and piano and was involved in almost every musical ensemble available.  Lori played for her church.  Greg played trombone in the Idaho Falls Symphony.  Some of his hobbies included composing and arranging as well as math and science.


In college Lori followed her dream to become a teacher, majoring in piano.  Greg studied engineering, but continued to play the piano for a touring Christian singing group and as an adult he served as a worship leader in his church.  Lori accompanied for her church for many years and also for various school choirs.


After working as a software programmer for 15 years, Greg learned how to integrate his musical talents with technology in his studio.  He believes in making piano fun using various computer and iPad apps that he designed and wrote. 

Greg enjoys teaching alongside his wife, Lori.  They often work together planning events for their students and for their music teacher associations.  They enjoy keeping up with the latest in piano pedagogy.

Greg and Lori collectively have 5 sons, two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.  Last but not least, they have an endearing dog named Eddie. 

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