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Musical Notes


"Over the past ten years, four of my children have taken from Maple Leaf Studio -- some now young adults who have a solid musical piano base to which they can sit a piano today and play from sight.  My daughter has progressed by leaps and bounds with not just a piano lesson, but beyond. She understands piano theory, effective practice, musicality, sight reading and the joy being able to play brings to others. I HIGHLY recommend Greg and Lori Peters, who go the extra mile for students offering them with multiple opportunities to perform in various venues and challenge themselves at competitions. They also incorporate the student's other talents such as playing a second instrument or singing at their recitals.  Both attend workshops to stay relevant to new techniques as well. Communication with parents is outstanding."

Karen Hassel

"Greg and Lori Peters at the Maple Leaf Studio are so incredible!  I could write volumes about our experiences with them over the past 4 years, and they have been, without reservation AMAZING!!  We have been more than pleased with their service, talents, expertise, and devotion to my children as their students.  It is always a dance to find music teachers that have a combination of ability and outstanding student/parent rapport.  The first time my kiddos came home from lessons, they immediately raced to the piano to see who could play the songs they practiced in lessons. Over the last 4 years, this has still not changed.  I have never heard ONE complaint in the years we have had Greg and Lori.  Truly a stellar team!  They compliment each other with distinction, and collaborate for the student's best interest. Attentively, they communicate with me as a parent in a succinct and clear manner.  It is easy to keep up with the realistic, yet high expectations they have for the students, and understand the goals they set with them during lessons.  They ask for parent input and are always open to communication and feedback.  Offering a variety of opportunities to compete, be challenged and learn from others, Greg and Lori have successfully encompassed the whole meaning of learning a skill and making it a life-long talent.  I recommend them to everyone I know and even those I've met for the first time.  Without reservation, Greg and Lori are among the Elite!!!"

Sharina Beutler

"We were blessed to have found Maple Leaf Piano Studio for our daughter. She had been taking piano lessons from another teacher in town, and her teacher moved out of state. We were led to Lori & Greg, and are so glad that we were! Lori discovered that our daughter had been playing by ear and had not learned to read music! So thankful that circumstances brought us to her and that this was found out before she had spent years at piano practice! Lori has been incredibly patient, loving and encouraging with our daughter, and her passion for playing the piano has increased as well as her skills. She definitely individualizes the piano lesson to the child. We love Greg & Lori and would HIGHLY recommend them. In our opinion, they are the best and we are very blessed & appreciative to have them teach & guide our daughter. A very wise investment for our child & her future."

Jodie Meigio

"Our family has had piano lessons from Greg and Lori about the past 12 years, between adult and children’s lessons.  I took intermediate/advanced lessons from Greg to improve site reading and chording skills so I could better accompany church congregational singing.  And now our two children have taken lessons from them over the last 11 years.  We are proud of the progress they have made and appreciate the life music skills they are gaining.  Both Greg and Lori come highly recommended from our family."

Mark and Marla Morgan

"Maple Leaf Piano studio has helped our 7 year old continue progressing in Piano skills and his love of music. Lori has been an excellent teacher. She sings along, allows him to utilize the iPad synced with the piano and his current books, makes learning theory interesting, as well as encourages playing solo and in groups! Lori is professional and fun, but most of all she is dedicated to helping our son succeed. We are extremely happy to have found her and Greg! Highly recommend!"

Amy B. 

"Our son Braden has been taking piano lessons for a few years from Greg Peters. He loves going to his lessons and has improved immensely year after year. The lessons are top quality and include theory, recitals, and group classes to improve Braden's musicianship. We couldn't be happier with the quality, expertise and professionalism of Maple Leaf Piano Studio and feel very blessed to have the best piano teachers! We look forward to having our other children take lessons as they mature!"


"Thank you to Diane's piano teacher, Lori Peters. It is wonderful to see how much all of your students improve each recital! You have been so patient and kind with high expectations. We are so grateful!"

Lacey Osgood

"The balance between ear playing/classical learning is excellent. My first teacher gave me only classical/technical training."

"The boys enjoy learning from Greg and it helps them to see a male figure enjoying piano."

"Greg has a very patient style of teaching. He is very positive."

"Greg offers a variety of music and you get to choose what feels best for you."

"I have known Greg for about 15 years. He is an incredible musician and upstanding person. When I learned he had opened a piano studio, I started my daughter in lessons. After only 8 months, she is already proficient at reading music, her technique is good, and she loves playing the piano."

"I am impressed with the method of teaching Greg has chosen. He frequently plays duets with my daughter. He is very skilled at helping her maintain focus during her lessons, and teaches to her age level and ability. He is a creative teacher and makes learning music fun, even arranging and writing music especially for his students."

"I am seven years old. I have been taking lessons from Greg Peters for eight months. I highly recommend him for a piano teacher. I think you should take lessons from him because he makes sure everything is easy for me to understand."

"I like Mr. Peters a lot. He thinks of new games every week that help you to learn easier. He even thinks of fun theme songs that tell about a dog named Dee or a cat names Misty. While these fun, silly songs are so exciting, they also teach you the notes on the piano. I feel so excited every week when it is Thursday because of my lesson. I like Mr. Peters mostly because he is encouraging and kind."

"It's great to have a person that is a master piano player as a teacher! He is one of the best teachers I ever met. He is great at making games for the younger or newer students. He made me feel so confident that I would be a great piano player on my very first week! He is such a kind and comforting teacher."

"Thanks for making piano such an enjoyable experience for my daughters. I wish we could have found you before my oldest daughter was at the age that she was already so involved, but the years that she took from you taught her in a new way which she just grabbed onto. It gave her confidence and best of all, helped her to like piano again! I am so glad that she is able to play in seminary and Young Women's group and I am sure she will use her talent throughout her life. My youngest daughter is at the perfect age and I'm so glad that she is able to be taking lessons. She is really enjoying it and I feel that she is progressing along really great. It has been a very positive and rewarding experience for us all and I thank you! We all really like your teaching style and the way that you make it so fun and the way that you explain things."

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